Endorsements for Mayor Mike Summers


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Here’s the growing list of personal and public endorsements from residents and leaders from all over Lakewood. Do you want to add your name to the list? Send your name and address to votemikesummers@gmail.com.


US Rep. Marcy Kaptur 
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Cuyahoga County Democratic Party
Lakewood Democratic Party
Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Council
Lakewood Councilman Tom Bullock
Linda Beebe, Lakewood School Board Member


Christopher and Kristine Adams

Joanie Amato

Joel and Teresa Andreani

Brian and Leslie Andrews

Luann Baker

Richard P. Beisel: “Best Mayor Lakewood every had in the last 40 years”

Bill and Ann Beyer

Robin Blumenthal

Tom and Sherry Brown

Marilyn and Randall Brundage

Councilman Tom Bullock

Bev and Kevin Burtzloff

Catherine and Kevin Butler

Michael and Kristyn Callahan

Mary and Bob Calsin

Amy Chodzin

Steve Clark

Sarah Cohan

Norma Collin

Patrick S. Corrigan

Cindy Costello

Will Costello

Jim Cox, Corporate Chef, Mr. Hero

Chris and Mike Crawford

Doug Crouch

Carl and Marilyn Culley

Steve and RoseMarie DeJohn

Keith Dewey

Ceil and Bill Dorsch

Bob and Phyllis Dykes

Ken and Patty Eberl

Charles and Leslie Eiban

David and Sara Fagnilli

Kelly Flamos

Lynn and Jay Foran

Eileen and Chuck Garven

William J. Gaydos

Chas and Patti Geiger

Joe and Peggy Gibbons

Ruth Anne Gillett

Art and DeDe Gold

Stephanie M. Gordon

Lindsey Wilber Grdina

Marie Grossman

M. Bob Hamed

Bruce Harris: “As father to an Eagle Scout, Mike knows what matters and leads by this example.”

Marty Harris – Jim Harris

Crystal Hayduk

Diane Helbig

Tommy Heil: “Mike is doing a good job. Let’s keep him serving.”

Bobbie Hendrick and Terrell Williams

Henry and Judy Hilow

Mary and Tom Holland

Meredith and Thomas Hovis

Carolyn Hufford: “Let’s keep Lakewood moving towards the future.”

Connie Ippolito

Chris and Jane Johnson

Terry and Carol Joyce

Shawn Juris

Chris and Amy Kemp

Karen Kuramoto

Ken and Kathy Laino

Tim and Patti Laskey

Earl and Kathy Lawrence

Dan and Jane Leschnik

Christine and William Lewis

Dr.Tom and Nancy Breiner Lukens

Colin McEwen

Kathleen McGorray

Nancy and John McMillan

Greg Mahoney

Dave and Valerie Mechenbier

Scott and Candy Meeson

Robert and Suzanne Metelko

Tony and Stephanie Miller

Judy Montgomery

Jacquie and Tim Nowlin

Brittany O’Connor and Todd Heckeler

Jim O’Leary

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Orban

David and Mary Osburn

Barbara Paynter

Anne and Jack Palomaki: “It is vital that Mike is re-elected”

Jessica and Clay Parker

Christopher and Desirae Parmelee

Rebecca M Patton MSN, RN, CNOR, FAAN

Dana Paul

Ron Petrie

Ric and Debbie Rada

Jim & Lynne Rambasek

Rick and Paula Reed

Stephanie Reed

David Rothhaas

Carolyn Seelbach

Kirsten Senger

Rick Staskos

Mike Riley and Margaret Stiner

Dave Robar

James and Patricia Ryan

Ann and Joe Schleckman

Jennifer Scofield

Carolyn P Seelbach

Chuck Shaughnessy

James and Lillian Shaw

George Shiekh

Vicki and Dan Smigelski

Pam and Tom Smith

Paul E. Smith

Ann Spence

Rolly Standish

Liza and Joe Stewart

Shannon and Craig Strachan

Tom and Colleen Sutton

Bryce Sylvester

Ellen Todia

Missy and Darren Toms

Lori and Rick Uldricks

Georganne Vartorella

Terry Vincent

Michael and Melanie Wightman

Chas Withers

Jim Wooley

Jeff and Torey Worron

US Rep. Marcy Kaptur strongly endorses re-election of Lakewood Mayor Mike Summers

U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur announced today her strong support for Lakewood Mayor Mike Summers in his bid for reelection. Rep. Kaptur’s congressional district, Ohio’s 9th, includes all of Lakewood. Click here for more.

Michael Summers for Lakewood Mayor: Cleveland Plain Dealer Endorsement Editorial

Lakewood has its challenges… Fortunately, the city has a calm, rational leader running the show in Mayor Michael P. Summers, 61. Summers deserves to be re-elected to another four-year term on the Nov. 3 ballot. Early voting has begun. The difference between Summers and his challenger, state Sen. Michael J. Skindell, 53, couldn’t be more apparent.

Lakewood Mayor Michael Summers picks up Cuyahoga County Democratic Party endorsement

Incumbent Lakewood Mayor Michael Summers has received the endorsement of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party in his bid to remain in office. The Lakewood Executive Committee of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party voted 17-8 to endorse Summers at an Aug. 8 meeting.To read more, check out Cleveland.com.

Mayor Summers Gains Two Key Endorsements

Both the Lakewood Democratic Club and Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Council have voted to support the re-election of Mayor Michael Summers. Both endorsements highlight Summers’ commitment to the ideals of service, growth, and safety in Lakewood.Read here for more.

Why I Trust Mike Summers To Lead Lakewood For Another Four Years

I don’t always directly weigh in on elections affecting our community, but in this year’s mayor’s race, the choice is clear: Mayor Mike Summers is the best choice to lead Lakewood for another term, and I strongly support him for reelection. As a councilperson who works daily with Mayor Summers, I wanted to share why I trust him to lead our community for another four years. Read the full story on the Lakewood Observer.

Continuing A Relentless Focus On Growth, Safety And Service: Summers Seeks Re-Election As Mayor

During the past five years, Lakewood has become a desired destination for Millennials and empty-nesters alike — and everyone in between. Property owners have spent $10 million in each of the past two years fixing up their homes and buildings. There’s been more than $100 million in commercial development investments since 2011 — that doesn’t even include the schools construction. Read the full story over at the Lakewood Observer.

Why I Believe In Mayor Mike Summers